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Rage Fitness Elevation 2.0 Bushing Barbell

44.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout

The Elevation 2.0 Barbell is designed true to its name; elevate your performance and take your workout to new heights with this bushing barbell.

Constructed with a sleek, black oxide finish and copper bushing sleeves that promise a reliable spin. Convenient dual knurl marks for both Olympic and powerlifting provide optimal grip and comfort during intense lifts.

  Men Women
Tensile Strength 216k PSI 216k PSI
Length 220cm 201cm
Bar Weight 20kg/44lb 15kg/33lb
Capacity 1500 lbs 1200 lbs
Diameter 28mm/1.1" 25mm/1"
Center Knurl No No
Knurl Marks Dual Dual
Loadable Sleeve Length 16.25" 12.5"
Chrome/Black Oxide finish finish

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