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SPRI Interchangeable Tubing System

Perform the same exercises you would normally do with pulley-type machines with this simple Interchangeable Tubing System. Attach the easy open-close metal clip on the tubing to other interchangeable accessories, such as the ankle strap, thigh strap,...

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SPRI Leather Hand Grips

Protect your hands and extend your workout with our Leather Hand Grips. Featuring an all-leather design, they are perfect for use during kettlebell, parallette, pull-up, and ring training. The durable leather helps prevent blistering and skin rips that...

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SPRI Mega Jump Rope Handles

The Mega Jump Rope Handles are 5.5" long and weigh 1lb. 4oz. for greater grip contact combined with the perfect weight for wrist and forearm conditioning. The handles are made from soft foam for comfortable with a straight handle design that provides a...

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SPRI Mini Bands

With our mini resistance bands you can still get resistance training with your smaller, floor-based lower-body conditioning workouts with SPRI® Mini Bands. Each band has enough extendability for moderate-load standing movement drills/activities too...

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SPRI Original Xertube

Use the Original Xertube to isolate targeted muscle groups through a full range of motion to strengthen and tone your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. This versatile and very convenient tool is perfect for group exercise, personal training, and even...

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SPRI Parallettes

Don’t leave your home gym or training area empty of our new top of the line Parallettes. Standing 13” tall and 14” wide. SPRI sells parallel bars that will securely support and balance body weight without moving or tipping. Perfect for...

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SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights

These Perfect Fit Arm Weights have unique, slim-fitting nylon sleeves are comfortable and conform to the body and can even be hidden under clothes. Includes removable weight segments so you can easily adjust resistance from 1-1.5lbs per arm. Adjustable...

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SPRI Performance Bags

The Performance Bags have variable-grip horizontal, vertical and end handles to accommodate all types of movement and body types while performing chops, tosses, carries and drags. Easily customize the bag's weight by adding or removing separate...

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SPRI Plastic Orange Cones

These tough, durable plastic cones are perfect for speed, quickness, jumping and agility drills. One-piece construction with wide, stable square base. Will not scuff or mark hardwood floors. Features Tough, durable plastic cones Perfect for speed,...

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SPRI Plastic Wobble Board

The Plastic Wobble Board helps you improve balance and coordination, while also strengthening muscles. The versatile and lightweight design, with non-skid base, will add a balance challenge to any of your workouts. Incorporate it into lunges, swats, and...

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SPRI Plyo Box

This Plyo Box set comes with three boxes in one with 3 varied heights, 20", 24" or 30", allowing you to choose how high you want to jump. Ideal for jump training and plyometric exercises. Generally plyometric exercises will stimulate various muscles at...

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SPRI Plyoboxes

These steel-constructed Plyoboxes are durable with non-skid rubber surfaces. Wide base and angled construction prevents tipping. Boxes are stackable for space-saving, convenient storage. Available in heights ranging from 6 to 36 inches. Sold separately...

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SPRI Power Air Pump

The Power Air Pump is a durable, dual-action pump that is designed to inflate multiple balls. Includes pump, hose, and plastic ball needle. Features Dual-action air pump Ideal for inflating multiple balls

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SPRI Premium Covered Training Rope

This premium polydac training rope has ravel-proof rubber poly boot ends providing a traditional secure grip. Tubular nylon webbing cover protects and extends the life of the rope, while allowing it to move freely. Available in a 1.5" diameter and...

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SPRI Premium Gloves

Get ultimate comfort while weight training with these Premium Gloves. Made from durable synthetic leather with a double palm that distributes pressure evenly with EVA high density padding and an extra long cuff with a Velcro closure for added wrist...

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SPRI Professional Plus Xercise Ball

The Professional Plus Xercise Ball™ is safe and heavy-duty, making it ideal for heavy use in all club environments. Use this ball to build strength and flexibility or as a cardio tool. Slow-deflate up to 400 lbs. Choose your color-coded size...

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