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Plyometrics Essentials Package

45.00 LBS
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Plyometrics Essentials Package

Can you feel your heart pumping? Well if not now, you certainly will after you skip, hop and slam your way toward a fitter you with our Plyometrics Essentials Package.

Featuring a slam ball, jump box, condition rope and jump rope, you will have everything you need for a versatile and exciting plyometrics routine!

What's Included

Rage Fitness Slam Ball

The no-bounce, heavy-duty rubber shell (1" bounce rating) makes the Slam Ball perfect for intense and controlled throwing routines. Strengthen your core, improve your conditioning, and increase your explosive power with one piece of equipment. Ideal for cross training, core exercises, plyometrics and cardio workouts.

Rage Fitness Performance Conditioning Rope

The RAGE Performance Conditioning Rope is the ultimate tool for elevating your fitness to new levels. Work your shoulders, back, legs and abdominals while increasing your endurance and promoting lean muscle mass. Whip the rope vigorously in various waiving motions for an intense total body workout. This rope is built for lasting power and speed.

Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box

Constructed with an industrial-strength tubular steel frame, a 3/4" plywood surface coated with ultra-resilient 1/4" rubber, and dense non-slip rubber feet to protect flooring, Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Boxes are built to handle any hard-core workout.

Zogics Premium Speed Jump Rope + Spare Cable + Nylon Bag

Possibly the most versatile piece of equipment for your fitness facility, the Zogics Premium Speed Rope is built for speed, comfort and longevity. With its steel rod and ball bearing system for a smooth rotation, the premium speed rope has a customizable-length cord and right angle mounts to allow for proper arm and wrist rotations.

Weight 45 lbs

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