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SPRI Plyo Box

This Plyo Box set comes with three boxes in one with 3 varied heights, 20", 24" or 30", allowing you to choose how high you want to jump. Ideal for jump training and plyometric exercises. Generally plyometric exercises will stimulate various muscles at...

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SPRI Plyoboxes

These steel-constructed Plyoboxes are durable with non-skid rubber surfaces. Wide base and angled construction prevents tipping. Boxes are stackable for space-saving, convenient storage. Available in heights ranging from 6 to 36 inches. Sold separately...

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SPRI Qube Soft Plyobox

The Qube Soft Plyobox is the safest plyobox on the market. The firm, reinforced foam construction provides solid stability and resists compression over time. Its durable vinyl covering resists wear and maintains a tight, firm fit, jump after jump. The...

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York Barbell Technique Box, 54259

York Barbell Technique Box | Power Lift Technique Boxes Made to stack on top of the York Barbell Plyo Boxes, the York Barbell Technique Boxes are made for seeing up for deadlifts or cleans with the bar starting above the standard height. The boxes are...

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