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SPRI Ergo Jump Rope Handles

The Ergo Jump Rope Handles are 5" long and weigh 3.6oz. for quick and stable wrist movement. The handles are made from PVC with a Poly-Rubber Grip Tape cover that is tacky and provides a non-slip grip. The straight thumb grove design of the handle will...

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SPRI Mega Jump Rope Handles

The Mega Jump Rope Handles are 5.5" long and weigh 1lb. 4oz. for greater grip contact combined with the perfect weight for wrist and forearm conditioning. The handles are made from soft foam for comfortable with a straight handle design that provides a...

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SPRI Speed Jump Rope

Our Speed Jump Rope invites you to burn calories and increase endurance through a consistent cardio and agility exercise. The SPRI Speed Rope is perfect for most intermediate and advanced rope moves. This flexible 9 foot, non kink, PVC rope, has just...

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SPRI Weighted Segmented Jump Rope

The Weighted Segmented Jump Rope is a 9 foot segmented rope that features cushioned, non-slip handles with removable weights and an easy-swivel design for unrestricted rope movement. Also ideal for beginners or as a warm-up rope. Total weight is 1.5...

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Black Mountain Products Speed Cable Jump Rope

Improve your cardiovascular muscles while increasing your strength and endurance with Black Mountain Products Speed Jump Ropes. Ideal for athletes, adults, children, and anyone looking to get in shape, the Speed Jump Ropes are adjustable to fit everyone...

$11.99 $7.19
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SKLZ Jump Rope

SKLZ Jump Rope Train speed, quickness and endurance with this durable jump rope. With padded grips, a center mounted swivel, the Jump Rope is a simple approach to get more results from your training. Features Exceptional value, durable jump...

$14.99 $13.49
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SKLZ Speed Rope

SKLZ Speed Rope With its steel rod and ball bearing system for smoother rotation, this high performance jump rope adds intensity to training and builds endurance. A coated low-kink, customizable-length cord and right angle mount enables proper wrist...

$29.99 $26.99
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