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Cybex VR1 Traditional Lat/Row

496.00 LBS
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Cybex VR1 Lat/Row | Cybex Lat Row

Looking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088.

The Cybex VR1 Duals Lat/Row is part of the Cybex Duals line, which utilizes multi-function mechanisms to get two exercises in one machine while saving valuable floor space. This machine features a rotating arm that enables the handles to be placed in any of the nine available positions providing various types of exercise from the traditional lat pull to a low row. It also has dual grips that allow for independent arm exercise. Additionally, the thigh support adjusts to the user’s height and provides stabilization in lat and inline pull motions, while the foot bar provides stabilization during row movements.

Key Features of the Cybex VR1 - Lat/Row

  • Dual-function design saves floor space
  • Rotating arm enables handles to be placed in nine positions allowing for exercise variation
  • Dual grips allow for independent arm exercise
  • Adjustable thigh support accommodates a wide range of user heights and provides stabilization in lat and inline pull motions
  • Foot bar provides stabilization during row movements
  • Dimensions: 50" w x 73" l x 83" h
  • Weight stack options: 220 lbs. (100kg)
  • Machine weight: 496 lbs. (225kg)

2 years Parts / 1 year Labor
120 Days Belts and Cables, Grips and Upholstery

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