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Cybex VR1 Pulldown

555.00 LBS
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Cybex VR1 Pulldown

Looking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088.

Work your upper body with this Cybex machine, which can both challenge advanced professionals in an express circuit and help train beginners and seniors. The space-conscious design makes it perfect for use in smaller clubs or as an addition to a home gym.

Get the most out of your budget with the features of the VR1 Pulldown, which includes height adjustments and grip choices. You also have the option of adding additional features such as incremental weight.

Cybex VR1 Strength Equipment is ideal for home use. Now you can:

  • Isolate a number of different muscles and feel the burn in your lower body, upper body, or abs
  • Adjust the machine easily for your best workout
  • Maximize your exercise and build muscle
  • Fit your workout into a smaller space thanks to the space-conscious design

Key Features of the Cybex VR1 - Pulldown

  • Multiple Grip Choices enable you to wrap your hands around the barbells or opt for the neutral grips depending on the most comfortable position for you
  • Adjustable Thigh Pads helps you workout in comfort regardless of your height
  • Beginners, seniors, and express-circuit users will appreciate a machine with a defined path of motion
  • Product Number:13135
  • Dimensions:64" l x 64" w x 77" h
  • Machine Weight w/ Standard Stack:555 lbs.
  • Standard Stack:220 lbs.
  • Machine Weight w/ Light Stack:485 lbs.
  • Light Stack:150 lbs. 68 kg

Optional accessories include:

  • Optional Gas Spring Seat Assist will take your pulldown to the next level
  • Color Options: make the VR1 Pulldown blend in or stand out 5 frame colors and 14 upholstery colors

2 years Parts / 1 year Labor
120 Days Belts and Cables, Grips and Upholstery

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