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Cybex Scott Curl

96.00 LBS
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Cybex Scott Curl

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A developed set of bicep muscles is a popular fitness goal for men and women alike. Strengthening your biceps is important as these muscles play an important role in many compound movements such as the pull-up and row. Compound movements are exercises that utilize the greatest number of muscle groups and fibers. Although the primary muscles worked are larger in size such as the back, chest, or quadriceps, it is still important to have a set of supporting muscles. The Cybex Scott Curl provides you a safe way to build your biceps without the worry of putting unnecessary stress on your lower back or shoulders.

Biceps aid large muscles during many functional compound movements. A great example is when you are performing a pull-up. Although the primary muscle group are the latissimus dorsi, or lats, your biceps are responsible for helping you complete the movement as well as keeping the body steady. Weak bicep muscles mean you will not be able to properly complete other exercises. The Cybex Scott Curl can help you achieve peaked biceps that you are going to be proud to show off.

The Cybex Scott Curl is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…

  • Strengthen and develop your bicep muscles in comfort
  • Protect yourself during your workout with a bench based on human biomechanics
  • Enjoy your bench without the worry of it wearing down – It will last just as long as you do

Key Features of the Cybex Scott Curl

    • Built Based On Human Biomechanics – One of the most unique features about the Cybex Scott Curl free weight bench is that it is specifically based on human biomechanics. This means the entire exercise from start to finish is designed to provide support and protection as well as the ideal environment for an intense workout.
    • Professional Grade Construction- Stay worry-free with the Cybex Scott Curl free weight bench. It’s built to withstand the workouts from professional athletes and bodybuilders. With a wide angled base and double welded construction, the Cybex Scott Curl can handle your toughest workouts. With a dent resistant finish, this is a free weight bench that will be around for years to come.
    • Functional and Comfortable – The Cybex Scott Curl is built to help you achieve results while providing comfort. The thoroughly cushioned elbow pads give you the support you need without the risk of hyperextension. The chest and seating pad are also designed for comfort, ensuring you can focus solely on the movement at hand and now the discomfort from the free weight bench.
    • Product Number: 16131
    • Dimensions: 39" l x 29" w x 37" h
    • Machine Weight: 96 lbs. (44 kg)

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