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Cybex Diverging Lat Pull

207.00 LBS
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Cybex Diverging Lat Pull

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A well-defined back is the sign of a true fitness enthusiast. Back muscles are also a great way to support proper posture and protect you during other functional exercises. Many free weight exercises can be risky, especially for beginners. What’s more, outdated exercise machines force your body into a position of unnecessary stress, placing you in harm’s way. The Cybex Diverging Lat Pull is built to support proper posture while allowing you the challenge you need to sculpt your back into perfection.

The Cybex Diverging Lat Pull is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can

  • Build a h3 and sculpted set of back muscles that are sure to impress
  • Correct your strength imbalances and achieve muscular equilibrium
  • Depend on the Cybex brand for an innovative free weight exercise machine

Key Features of the Cybex Diverging Lat Pull

  • The problem with outdated and traditional exercise machines lies in the fact that very few were based on actual human biomechanics, or the natural movements patterns of the human body. Also, many of these machines are built for a few types of fitness enthusiasts, limiting the population that can properly utilize the machine. The Cybex Diverging Lat Pull has been crafted specifically for a wide range of users for efficiency, support, and protection.
  • Leading the Way in Biomechanics Design – The Cybex Diverging Lat Pull is based on the natural movement patterns of the human body, which means you are getting an exercise machine that is built to move with you, not against you. This is extremely important as any extra stress on surrounding muscle groups and joints places you at risk for aches, strains, and injuries. Stay safe with the Cybex Diverging Lat Pull.
  • Independently Moving Arms for Greater Results – Is one side of your body h3er than the other? How would you like to correct those strength imbalances so that both sides are equally built in a balanced way? The Cybex Diverging Lat Pull uses independently moving arms to ensure each side of the body must pull its own weight. The result is greater overall gains in strength as both sides of the body will have achieved an equilibrium in strength.
  • Built To Last – Just as you’ve come to expect from the Cybex brand, the Diverging Lat Pull has been built tough to support the fitness goals of professional athletes. This free weight bench will be around for years, providing you with excellent results.
  • Product Number: 16070
  • Dimensions: 87" l x 49" w x 72" h
  • Machine Weight: 207 lbs. (94 kg)

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