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Cybex Converging Chest Press

192.00 LBS
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Cybex Converging Chest Press | Cybex Plate Loaded Chest Press

Looking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088.

Stop risking injury and muscle overuse with traditional methods of the chest press and start using the Cybex Converging Chest Press. It allows you to safely increase strength and sculpt your muscles while guiding you through the natural movements your body is used to. Many outdated weight benches put extra stress on your shoulder muscles, putting you at risk for tears and strains. Eliminate the danger with the Cybex Converging Chest Press.

The Cybex Converging Chest Press is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…

  • Feel safe as a beginner or feel confident as an advanced lifter
  • Maximize your space as you benefit from your workouts
  • Have peace of mind with its superior and heavy duty construction
  • Complete your commercial facility or home gym with an elite piece of fitness equipment

Key Features of the Cybex Converging Chest Press

  • The 25° converging pattern provides an exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint.
  • Independent arm motion for balanced strength development.
  • Two-position selectable starting position for a broad range of user size and flexibility.
  • Overhead pivot provides a natural path of motion.
  • Extra-sized grips reduce pressure on the hands for greater comfort when pressing.
  • Product Number: 16080
  • Dimensions: 50" l x 59" w x 52" h
  • Machine Weight: 192 lbs. (87 kg)

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