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BOSU Ballast Ball 65cm, Blue

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BOSU Ballast Ball 65cm | BOSU Balance Trainer

The BOSU Ballast Ball stays put, so your ball does not wander during your workout. Constructed of high quality, burst-resistant material, the BOSU ball has a six-sided surface design for proper alignment and positioning and has 2.5 lbs. of multi-dimensional load, which provides a fun, visual effect and audible feedback during lifting, shifting, and shaking exercises.

With the BOSU Ballast Ball, your guests can perform exercise progressions and dynamic drills that are not possible on a regular stability ball. Available in translucent light blue with 2.5 lbs. white multi-dimensional load, and inflates between 55cm and 65cm.

What’s Included

  • (1) BOSU® Ballast® Ball
  • (1) Foot Pump
  • (1) Owner’s Manual


  • Helps to target and engage more abdominal, back, glute, hip and arm muscles during exercises and creates more intense and efficient workouts
  • Constructed of high-quality, burst-resistant material that features a six-sided surface design for proper alignment and positioning to get the most out of each workout
  • 2.5 pounds of unstable weight inside the ball makes it stay put and will not roll away during workouts unlike traditional stability balls
  • The movable weight inside provides both visual and audible feedback during lifting, rotational and shaking exercises
  • Fill to only 80% on first inflation and allow ball to sit overnight or for several hours at this inflation level before fully inflating
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A
Colors Available Blue
Diameter 55cm - 65cm
Maximum User Weight 300 lbs
Material Latex-free, burst resistant material
Country of Origin USA


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