Rubber Flooring Square Tiles, Standard Mat Package, Varying Sizes

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Zogics 1 inch Tile Rubber Flooring Standard Packages

Modular tiles for professional performance

Zogics 1" Tile Rubber Flooring is our most premium & durable rubber flooring package. Molded 1" thick recycled rubber tiles can be installed as a portable system and are built with a dense base layer for maximum durability.

Our standard mat packages include everything you need to install 1" Tile Rubber Flooring for the most common footprints.

Zogics 1 inch Tile Rubber Flooring offers the best sound dampening and durability

Best sound dampening

Our 1" Tile Rubber Flooring offers excellent acoustic sound dampening and durability—perfect for weight training and high performance areas.

Zogics 1 inch Tile Rubber Flooring is made of 100% recycled rubber

Made from 100% recycled rubber

All Zogics Flooring is designed and made in the USA out of 100% recycled rubber.

Zogics 1 inch Tile Rubber Flooring has a 10 year warranty

Backed by a 10 year warranty

Zogics 1" Tile Rubber Flooring is built to take a beating and proudly backed by a 10 year warranty.

1" Rubber Flooring Square Tiles, Standard Mat Package, Varying Sizes

Our 100% recycled 1" thick rubber flooring tiles packaged into standard size mats, allowing you to quickly order and install.

Zogics 1" Rubber Flooring Tiles are a premium, durable flooring solution ideal for weightlifting and olympic deadlift platforms. These tiles are the thickest of our rubber flooring products, and offer the best shock absorption and sound dampening. 

Available in a variety of standard size layouts (8' x 8', 12' x 12', 20' x 20'), Zogics 1" Rubber Flooring Tile Packages come with all of the pieces needed for your mat package of choice. Also included are ramp reducers that are laid on the outside edges of your complete layout. These edge reducers provide a beveled ramp edge to minimize trip hazards and to provide a professional, clean finished installation.

What's Included:

  • 8' x 8' Layout - 16 tiles, 2 edge ramps and 96 dowels
  • 12' x 12' Layout - 36 tiles, 3 edge ramps and 216 dowels
  • 20' x 20' Layout - 100 tiles, 5 edge ramps and 600 dowels


  • Heavy-duty commercial grade recycled rubber
  • 1" thick tiles provide best shock absorption and sound dampening
  • Ideal for olympic weightlifting platforms and strength training areas
  • Absolutely non-absorbent & will not harbor or promote bacterial growth
  • Little to no "rubber smell" odor (low VOCs)
  • Permanent or semi-permanent installation options
  • Waffle backing
  • Made in the USA

For custom configurations, sizes, or graphic branding: Beyond these standard layout packages, Zogics offers full design, layout, and quoting of custom flooring projects. Looking for a larger size layout? Want to add your facility logo to your flooring? Need a different color to match your branding? We've got you covered. Click here to send us your project details and quickly get connected with your own dedicated flooring expert to help you through the entire process.

Available Sizes 8' x 8' (64 sq/ft), 12' x 12' (144 sq/ft), 20' x 20' (400 sq/ft)
Thickness 1"
Tile Size 24" x 24"

Warranty: 10 Years