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A&J Washroom Vanity Mounted Round Waste Chute

A&J Washroom Countertop Waste Chute The A&J Washroom Countertop Waste Chute is fabricated from stainless steel with a bright polished finish on all exposed surfaces. With a seamless, one piece construction, the opening of the waste chute is 5...

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Bobrick Surface Mounted Waste Receptacle with LinerMate

Bobrick B-277 Surface Mounted Waste Receptacle The Bobrick B-277 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle is a medium-sized waste container designed for mounting on drywall, plaster and other types of walls in commercial restrooms. The unit...

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A&J Stainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Disposal, U-591

Napkin Disposal | Stainles Steel Sanitary Napkin Disposal Features Fabricated of #22 gauge stainless steel with a #4 satin finish Surface Mounted Unit Waste can is covered to maintain a sanitary environment Secured with pin tumbler lock, keyed like all...

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