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AED Batteries | AED Replacement Pads

Zoll CPR-D-padz

ZOLL CPR-D-Padz In any emergency, it’s easy to find yourself feeling panic, confusion, or a number of other symptoms that can make it hard to concentrate, remember your training, and act swiftly and appropriately. To aid in the rescue process and...

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Zoll Pedi-padz II

ZOLL Pedi-Padz II ZOLL® Pedi-Padz II are designed for use with the ZOLL AED Plus® and AED Pro®, specifically for pediatric patients who are 8 years or younger and weigh less than 55 pounds. These pediatric defibrillation electrode pads work...

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ZOLL Fully Automatic AED Plus Bundle

ZOLL AED Plus | ZOLL Fully Automatic AED Bundle When the Fully Automatic AED Plus® detects a shockable heart rhythm, it delivers the shock on its own. No one needs to push a button. Once the Fully Automatic AED Plus prompts "Don't Touch Patient," and...

$2,299.00 $1,699.00
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Philips FRX Smart AED Pads

Single-Use Disposables It's a smart idea to keep an extra set of Defibrillation Electrodes/Philips AED Pads for the Heart Start FRx defibrillator on hand so it's in service after use. The single use, disposable pads are packaged in a plastic case which...

$58.00 $56.00
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