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Zogics Commercial Hand Dryers

Excel XLERATOR & ThinAir Hand Dryers

Reduce the carbon footprint of your business with our Excel high speed hand dryers. Forget the high cost of paper, Excel automatic hand dryers offer a fuss-free, low cost alternative for high traffic settings. In addition to saving an average of 90% over paper costs, using Excel is also more sanitary. Unlike wet paper towels, they eliminate the conditions where mold, residue, and bacteria are likely to grow. Because they use 80% less energy than other brands, Excel Hand Dryers are also more energy-efficient.

Dyson Airblade dB and Airblade V Hand Dryers

Perfect for high traffic areas, the Dyson Airblade automatic hand dryers offer a quiet, cost-effective and hygienic alternative to paper towels. HEPA filters come standard with both the Airblade dB and Airblade V, and help to remove 99.97% of bacteria from the air that is used to dry hands. The enviromentally-friendly dryer costs only about $43 to run annually, while producing up to 77% less CO2 than other hand dryers.

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