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Cybex VR1 Fly/Rear Delt

220.00 LBS
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Cybex VR1 Fly/Rear | Cybex Rear Flys

Looking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088.

The VR1 - Fly/Rear is the newest addition to the VR1 line of commercial exercise machines from Cybex. Known for its superior quality, Cybex continues on its rigorous standards of excellence into the Fly/Rear, allowing you to strengthen and sculpt your chest and shoulders with just one machine.

The Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear provides the perfect combination of exercises. The shoulder muscles support the large, compound movements that the chest muscles must execute. When you have weak or underdeveloped shoulder muscles, it affects what you can achieve with your chest muscles. Strengthening the shoulder muscles benefits all other aspects in your fitness achievements. You’ll be able to do more push-ups or bench press more weight, for example. Build and develop both your shoulder and chest muscles together with the Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear.

The Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…

  • Achieve muscular equilibrium Correct your muscle strength imbalances
  • Rely on the elite standards of quality you expect from Cybex
  • Train two major muscle groups and get serious results in less time

Key Features of the Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear:

  • The Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear is proud to feature independent movement technology. Chances are one side of you is stronger than the other based on your dominant, or most used, side. The Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear can help correct these strength imbalances with its independent moving arms, ensuring that your body achieves a muscular equilibrium. This will also benefit many other aspects of your fitness goals as you will be able to accomplish more volume, repetitions, sets, and intensity.
  • The Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear features handles that can be adjusted from the horizontal or vertical positions based on the user’s preference. Best of all, there is no need to adjust the seat in order to match the handle position. This unique feature ensures you’ll spend less time adjusting and more time working out.
  • Engineered around human biomechanics, this exercise machine is an elite brand that provides you with everything you require to get results. Since it’s based on human movement patterns, every repetition will feel natural, yet challenging. Protect yourself from needless strain and get results with the Cybex VR1 - Fly/Rear.
  • Product Number: 13111
  • Dimensions: 55” l x 50” w x 74” h
  • Machine Weight w/ Standard Stack: 496 lbs.
  • Standard Stack: 220 lbs
  • Machine Weight w/ Light Stack: 426 lbs.
  • Light Stack: 150 lbs

2 years Parts / 1 year Labor
120 Days Belts and Cables, Grips and Upholstery

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