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York Barbell Bumper Grip Plates, 5-45 lbs options (sold individually)

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York Barbell Bumper Plates | Bumper Plates

Do away with floor scuffs with York Barbell’s new Bumper Grip Plates. Built to last, the hub is built of steel composite, while the rim of the plate is surrounded by high quality rubber, ensuring functionality and floor protection. With three integrated gripping slots, lifting and carrying plates just got a whole lot easier and safer.

Available in weights 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, and 45 lb York Barbell Bumper Grip Plates are rated for commercial use and can be found everywhere from garage gyms, commercial clubs to military installations.


  • Distinct color for each weight increment
  • Steel composite hub for a structurally solid plate
  • High quality rubber surrounding the outer rim for increased floor protection
  • 3-grip design enhance maneuverability


  • Commercial fitness centers
  • Garage gyms
  • School weight rooms
  • Military institutions
  • Performance Centers
Available Weights 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb and 45 lb
Color Black
Dimensions 17" d x 2" center
Hub Thickness Varies between 1 3/16” to 2 1/8” around center hole
Plate Material Aluminum Cast (5-10 lb) or Steel Cast (25-45 lb)
Warranty 1-Year commercial warranty covers defects in the structural integrity only


1 Year Warranty

York Barbell offers a 1 year limited warranty on Elite Olympic Competition Bars, York Olympic Training Bars, Power Bars, International Bars, Elite Competition Bumper Plates, Urethane-covered plates, Rubber-covered plates, Pro-style Dumbbells, Rubber Hex Dumbbells, and Rubber Training Bumper Plates.

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