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Surge® 3.0 Dynamic Fluid Resistance

Surge 3.0
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Surge 3.0 | Dynamic Resistance Training

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Leading the way in dynamic resistance training, the Surge 3.0 is a fully customizable weight training tool. Utilizing water to create a dynamic form of resistance, athletes are challenged to complete both traditional exercises, as well as sport specific movement patterns a while resisting and controlling the unpredictable, nature of the shifting water within in the Surge 3.0.

One of the key benefits of dynamic resistance training is that the weight distribution of the object in use is never static. With water-filled devices, the back-and-forth fluctuations in mass during a workout are believed to better simulate real-world challenges on the muscles and joints, thereby honing an athlete’s core stability and helping his or her range of motion and efficiency of movement.

The Surge’s compact dimensions—along with a vertical double-handle design—make it far easier to transport and maneuver than a typical DIY slosh pipe. Meanwhile, the convenience of a removable fill cap and measurement gauge allows athletes and coaches to quickly adjust and customize the device’s weight to precisely meet every individual user’s needs. You can also choose between five color options: black, blue, gray, green, and pink.


  • Fluid shift creates an unbalanced, unstable condition that causes the body to constantly adapt to changing forces
  • The Surge can be used anywhere the user wants to work out and easily stored when not in use
  • Allows user to adjust weight by filling or emptying water to fit their personal needs
  • Vertical handles for wide range of motion
  • Fill cap and gauge for precise adjustments of water weight


  • Commercial fitness centers
  • Group fitness classes
  • Performance Centers
Manufacturer Part Number 72-3002
Color Options Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink
Dimensions 30" l x 18.85” c x 6" d
Weight (without water) 4.25 lbs
Weight (with water) 23 lbs
Country of Origin USA


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