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Stroops Slastix Pole, Gold Kit, 57-Piece Portable Anchoring System

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Portable Anchoring System Kit

Looking for a full-body workout kit that gives you the freedom to workout in more than one location? Stroops Slastix Pole Gold Package is a 57-piece mobile fitness station that supports a small group of up to 8 athletes of any fitness level. The portable Slastix Pole has a wheeled anchor box and a removable 48" center pole which makes transportation and storage easy.

Attach your Slastix resistance bands from the contour handles, foot straps or universal swivel belts to the connection rings, which can lock in place or rotate with your workout. Workout in a gym, the park, and virtually anywhere with the Slastix Pole Silver Package.


  • What's included: 1 Slastix Pole, 16 Slastix 36" (Medium Resistance), 16 Contour Handles, 16 Foot Straps & 8 XL Universal Swivel Belt
  • Portable, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easily weigh down the Slastix Pole with weight plates
  • Bottom compartment for weights and storage
  • Made in the USA

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