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  • Stroops Python Striker (P-PYTHON) - Included Parts
  • Stroops Python Striker (P-PYTHON)
  • Stroops Python Striker (P-PYTHON)
  • Stroops Python Striker (P-PYTHON)
  • Stroops Python Striker (P-PYTHON) - Included Parts
  • Stroops Python Striker (P-PYTHON) - Assembled

Stroops Python Striker, Resistance Bands

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Product Description

Resistance Bands | Python Striker Resistance Bands | Stroops Resistance Bands

Add resistance to your athletes’ personal training, sports conditioning, MMA or CrossFit workouts while allowing them to maintain their freedom of movement. Stroops Python Strikers unique "wear-while-you-play" design transforms the way athletes train by allowing them to do sport specific drills, at game speed, with resistance. Made with Slastix technology, the four Slastix resistance bands connects the padded, lower-back belt to the integrated wrist and foot cuffs, keeping the resistance in ideal positions.

What's Included

  • 1 Stroops Padded Lower-Back Belt (medium or large)
  • 2 Stroops Wrist Cuffs
  • 2 Stroops Foot Cuffs
  • 2 Stroops 12-inch Slastix (medium or heavy resistance)
  • 2 Stroops 14-inch Slastix (medium or heavy resistance)


  • Stroops Slastix stretches up to 3 times its original length
  • Encased in a protective nylon sheath
  • Padding on belt to increase comfort
  • Lower-Back Belt available in 2 sizes: medium (24" - 36" waist), or large (34" - 50" waist)


  • Available in 2 resistances: medium (20 lbs), or heavy (25 lbs)
  • Made in the USA

Product Videos

Python Striker - MMA Striking Training - Stroops Resistance training for punching 03:09

MMA Striking Training The ultimate sparring and athletic development product for Mixed Martial Arts, the Python Striker has clearly made fighters much quicker, build endurance & sharper with their punches. Teaching the hands to stay high and extend from the chin, the Slastix resistance originates directly from the hips making punches more explosive and complete. The Python Striker has given top fighters a euphoric experience. The ability to originate resistance from the core of your own body, allowing you to spar or engage in full contact has never been seen in any striking sport. Top sparring coaches like Shawn Tompkins use the Python Striker to train their fighters because it is so effective. With the ability to quickly clip the slastix on & off from the wrists & ankles, the Python Striker makes it simple for athletes to transition from resistance to live in seconds. Stroops padded wrist straps with patent pending thumb straps fit comfortably over wraps &/or under gloves. The Custom loops make bare foot training for MMA fighters very comfortable as well. Last but not least, the belt of the Python Striker is fully padded with a Velcro attachment allowing a tight fit no matter your waist size. All-in-all the Python Striker is not only the most efficient way to train it also puts your body in proper position biomechanically for MMA. The Pythin Striker comes with..... • The Python Striker Belt • The hand and wrist straps • Four Slastix Bands See more at:

  • Python Striker - MMA Striking Training - Stroops Resistance training for punching
    Python Striker...
    MMA Striking Training The ultimate spar...

Warranty Information


There is a 6 month standard warranty on all Stroops products. The warranty covers damage due to defective merchandise and applies only to product used as intended.

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