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Stroops Accelerator, 10'

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A smart addition to any fitness facility, this versatile product helps athletes develop and improve speed, agility, balance, quickness and explosiveness. Made with Slastix technology, the 10’ Slastix resistance band connects to a padded power pull belt and anchor, forming the Stroops Accelerator system. The power pull belt is large enough to fit over shoulder pads, but can be adjusted to fit young athletes.

Available in resistances from 77lbs to 150lbs, the Accelerator is great for athletes of all fitness levels.


  • Available in 3 resistance levels: Light (77 lbs resistance), Medium (105 lbs resistance), & Heavy (150 lbs resistance)
  • What's included: 1 Stroops 10' Slastix Resistance Band, 1 Stroops Power Pull Belt, and 1 Stroops XL Anchor
  • Slastix stretches up to 3 times its original length
  • Encased in a protective nylon sheath
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in the USA


There is a 6 month standard warranty on all Stroops products. The warranty covers damage due to defective merchandise and applies only to product used as intended.

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