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Bars & Plates

MX-Select 80 Adjustable Barbell

Securely locks weight plates into an immovable position, selector dials recess into collars after weight selection, changing weight does not involve handling the weight.From deadlifts, presses, cleans and jerks the MX80 variable weight system combines a...

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Power Systems Landmine Handle Only

Handle fits over the sleeve of any Olympic bar. Black, powder-coated metal with ergonomic rubber grips, approximately 26" apart. For use with the Power Systems Landmine, sold separately. Color: Black

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Power Systems Landmine with Handle

This ground-based multi-functional training station can be used in or outside of the gym. Perform one or two arm movements and other rotational exercises by inserting any Olympic size bar (sold separately) into the twelve inch pivoting sleeve at the base...

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Rage Fitness Elevation 2.0 Bushing Barbell

The Elevation 2.0 Barbell is designed true to its name; elevate your performance and take your workout to new heights with this bushing barbell. Constructed with a sleek, black oxide finish and copper bushing sleeves that promise a reliable spin...

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Rage Fitness Fractional Plate Set

Specifically created to take you beyond your capacity. When working towards a new personal record and 10 lbs is just too much to add, fractional plates are the tool for you.  What's Included (2) 1/4 Weight Plates (2) 1/2 Weight Plates (2) 3/4...

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Rage Fitness Invictus 2.0 Bearing Barbell

The Invictus 2.0 Barbell embodies the fighting spirit of the unconquered athlete. The needle bearing rotation system provides a smooth, concentric spin and is made to withstand the abuse of any type of lifting regimen. This bar has a normal...

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Rage Fitness Phoenix2 Bushing Barbell

The Phoenix 2.0 Barbell manifests the willpower of the tenacious athlete. Rise from the ashes and bring new life and regenerative strength to every repetition with this bushing bar, perfectly constructed for repetitive, fast-paced workouts, Olympic...

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Rage Fitness Spring Collars

This is the classic collar for all your power and Olympic lifting needs. Spring design secures the weights on the bar and virtually eliminates shifting during lifting session. Features 2" Olympic barbell spring clip collar Fits all standard Olympic...

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Rage Fitness Training Barbell

These aluminum barbells are a perfect starter bar for teaching beginners the technique of Olympic lifting. They can also be used as a scaled-weight bar for full-throttle workouts. They are durable and spin freely. Features Olympic Size Aluminum...

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Reebok Bumper Plate (sold individually)

The Reebok Bumper Plates from the Functional range are constructed with premium quality rubber to ensure that a loaded bar can be safely dropped without risk of damaging the plates themselves or the lifting platform. Available in a variety of weights...

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SPRI Weighted Bar

This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 7 business days for processing. The SPRI Weighted Bar will help you build lean body mass and muscle definition with these 4 to 6 foot weighed bars. Perfect for strength training,...

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