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Weight Plate Storage Rack

Rage Fitness Bumper Stand

This portable Bumper Stand keeps your gym organized and clean. It is the best way to store bumper plates vertically without consuming a lot of space. Specifically designed with wheels for easy movement across your facility. The base eliminates the...

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Rage Fitness Bumper Tree

Store your personal weightlifting equipment in this convenient, space-saving, easy-to-assemble bumper tree. Constructed with industrial strength metal bars, athletes will enjoy a smooth finish to slide plates on and off with ease. Plus, there’s...

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Rage Fitness Horizontal Bumper Rack

Offers a portable solution to your bumper plate storage needs. Can fit (8) 45 lb bumper plates in place as it is moved from station to station. This commercial bumper rack is ideal for high school, college, power lifting, military, and your gym...

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Rage Fitness Vertical Bumper Plate Stand

Whether you need to store several plates or the full competition bumpers, this system offers options. The spacing between each horizontal arm offers room for plates of all loads. This stand is designed to store plates with International Weightlifting...

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York Barbell Olympic A-Frame Plate Tree Black, 69036

York Barbell A-Frame Plate Tree | Weight Plate Storage The oldest name in weightlifting brings you a compact and space-saving way to organize your Olympic Weight Plates. With seven pegs for weight storage, the Olympic Plate Tree is made with high-quality...

$110.00 $89.08
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York Barbell Olympic Single-Sided Weight Tree, 69142

York Barbell Weight Tree | Weight Plate Tree Does you gym need some organization? The York Barbell Single-Sided Weight Tree is your answer. Four of its weight storage pegs can accommodate Elite Competition Bumpers, Solid Rubber Bumpers, Bumper Grip...

$620.00 $482.36
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Cybex SS Weight Tree

Cybex SS Weight TreeLooking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088. Combining style, durable and compact design, and storage for free weight plates and two Olympic bars, this essential component...

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Cybex Weight Tree

Cybex Weight Tree Looking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088.Combining utility with style, the Cybex Weight Tree is designed to fit visually with Cybex Selectorized and Plate-Loaded equipment...

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