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Compression Technology

NormaTec Pulse Arm Recovery System

Maximum Arm Recovery The Normatec Pulse Arm Recovery System is best for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who frequently strain their arms and shoulders. This Normatec package is for arm recovery. It is lightweight, portable and completely controllable...

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NormaTec Pulse Full Body Recovery System

Complete Body Rejuvenation If you need a full body rejuvenation, you should have the Normatic Pulse Full Body Recovery System. This groundbreaking revolutionary tool is recommended for athletes and fitness clinics because it aids in muscle...

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NormaTec Pulse Leg & Arm Recovery System

Recovery On Demand Keep your legs and arms in their best condition by using the Normatic Pulse Leg & Arm Recovery System. It comes with a lightweight Pulse control unit that you can effortlessly bring wherever you go.In addition to the control...

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NormaTec Pulse Leg and Hip Recovery System

Recovery On Demand Rejuvenate your legs and hips with the help of the Normatec Pulse Leg and Hip Recovery System. This revolutionary recovery system boasts a controllable Normatec Pulse control unit that is lightweight and portable. You don't need...

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NormaTec Pulse Leg Recovery System

Recovery On Demand Athletes of all levels will benefit from the Normatec Pulse Leg Recovery System. It is a high tech solution that aids in muscle recovery. It comes with leg compression boots that electronically stimulate muscle tissues. This...

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NormaTec Carry Case

Handy Hard Carry Case Keep your Pulse recovery system safe and sound with this handy hard carry case. It comes with compartments so you have more room for your Normatec's accessories. As a matter of fact, it includes a mesh zippered comparment for you...

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NormaTec Duffel Bag

Durable bag for Normatec System Bring your Normatec Pulse System wherever you go by using this authentic Normatec Duffel Bag. Features One size Easy to clean Durable nylon material Padded and adjustable shoulder strap Main compartment Two...

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NormaTec Hose

Authentic Normatec House If you need to replace your Normatec hose, get this authentic replacement hose. You can connect not only one but two Normatec attachments like the legs and hips attachments. Features Tough construction Includes a blocking...

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NormaTec Microfiber Pouch

Keep Normatec Systems Dust Free Protect your Normatec Pulse or Pulse Pro by using this black Normatec Microfiber Pouch. Features Protects Normatec from scratches and dust You can use it to clean the screen Input: 100-240V; Output: 12V...

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NormaTec Power Supply

Power Your Normatec System This Normatec Power Supply is a power supply made for Pulse and Pulse Pro Systems. Features Works with Pulse and Pulse Pro World voltage capability Comes with US plug Input: 100-240V; Output: 12V DC

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NormaTec Pulse Blocking Plug

Blocking Plug Replacement Replace old blocking plug of your Normatec system with this brand new Normatec Pulse Blocking Plug. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Features Fits Pulse hose Allows use of single attachment

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