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Power Systems Standing Mat Rack + Power Systems Premium Hanging Club Mat, 56"

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Power Systems Standing Mat Rack | Power Systems Premium Fitness Club Mat

Workout mats give fitness enthusiasts and therapy clients a safe space to carry out floor-based exercises. Power System's Premium Hanging Club Mat adds an extra layer of convenience: once you're done, just hang them up on the Standing Mat Rack to keep your facility's floor space clear. Every mat utilizes a closed-cell foam structure, which maximizes durability and comfort. These mats are odor, stain, and moisture resistant, and can easily be wiped clean with a gym wipe. The Standing Mat Rack is mobile, so you can place it wherever you want to keep your mats close by. The 10-inch prongs will hold up to 14 mats on each side.

What's Included

  • 1 Power Systems Standing Mat Rack
  • 10 Power Systems Premium Exercise Mat


  • Mobile mat rack is made of steel for superior strength
  • Exercise mats have 2 holes for hanging
  • 10-inch prongs on both sides of mat rack holds 28 of the Power Systems Hanging Club Mats
  • Hanging exercise mats keeps mats clean and maintains their shape
  • Closed cell foam structure keeps mats hygenic
  • Standing Mat Rack Material: Steel construction
  • Standing Mat Rack Color: Black/Gray
  • Exercise Mat Length: 56"
  • Exercise Mat Thinckness: 3/8"
  • Exercise Mat Colors: Jet Black

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