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Power Systems Standing Mat Rack, PS92590

$220.65 $209.62
100.00 LBS
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Exercise Mat Rack | Exercise Mat Storage | Power Systems Standing Mat Rack

The Standing Mat Rack is a Power Systems Brand product. The design makes it the perfect storage companion for the Power Systems Hanging Club Mats. The flexibility of the exercise mat rack lets you place it wherever you want to keep your mats close by. The 10-inch prongs will hold up to 14 mats on each side.


  • Made of steel for superior strength
  • Aesthetically appealing black/gray design
  • 10-inch prongs on both sides holds 28 of the Power Systems Hanging Club Mats
  • Frees up floors and walls needed for other things
  • Keeps mats clean and maintains their shape
  • Prevents stacked mats from becoming a hazard
  • Material: Steel construction

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