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Merrithew Toning Ball

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2.00 LBS
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Increase intensity and tone your entire body with fun and versatile Toning Balls™. Portable and easily incorporated into a variety of targeted sculpting exercises that result in healthy muscles without adding bulk. Perfect to increase the intensity of your matwork or equipment-based routines, these Toning Balls (sold individually, not in a pair) also bring awareness to shoulder girdle stability. Choose from 1 lb (Purple), 2 lb (Blue), & 3 lb (green) weights. Each purchase includes a bonus toning ball exercise guide.


  • Available in 3 weights: 1 lb (Purple), 2 lb (Blue), & 3 lb (green)
  • Increase intensity of your matwork
  • Compact & portable travel companion
  • Includes BONUS Exercise Guide
  • Dimensions: About 4" diameter - Size can vary between weights
  • PVC shell
  • Filled with iron sand

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