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Cybex Adjustable Cable Column

200.00 LBS
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Cybex Adjustable Cable | Cybex Jungle Gym

Looking to outfit your commercial gym with Cybex Equipment? Please contact us for a quote at 888.623.0088.

When variety in your workout is what you need, look no further than the Cybex Adjustable Cable jungle gym. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to choose from dozens of exercises to help you achieve your ideal weight loss or fitness goal.

The Cybex Adjustable Cable is an ideal jungle gym for the fitness beginner or advanced lifter as it is completely user-friendly and space efficient. If you’re new to the fitness scene, the Cybex Adjustable Cable can help you learn about effective exercises for strengthening your entire body. Advanced lifters will also find it useful as it can provide a new challenge to help push past their current limits of strength and power. Get fit, get h3, and feel great with the Cybex Adjustable Cable.

The Cybex Cybex Adjustable Cable is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…

  • Add variety to your workout as you choose from dozens of new exercises
  • Engage in an upper body, lower body, or full body workout to achieve maximum results – One machine provides it all
  • Rely on the superior strength of the professional grade construction that Cybex offers for all of its products

Key Features of the Cybex Adjustable Cable

  • Exercise machines require you switch from one to the next in order to achieve a complete and efficient upper and lower body workout. The Cybex Adjustable Cable offers 22 adjustable pulley positions to provide you with maximum versatility for every workout. No matter what exercise, movement pattern, or upper and lower body preference you have, the Cybex Adjustable Cable can accommodate it.
  • Upgrade Your Workout for a New Challenge – If you’ve been utilizing free weights for most of your fitness career, try those same traditional exercises on the Cybex Adjustable Cable and be amazed at the difference. Your muscles will encounter a new type of challenge as they are given the resistance and volume they need in order to break through a plateau.
  • Elite Construction for Superior Workouts – You’ll notice the high quality of the Cybex Adjustable Cable exercise machine during your first workout. Cybex takes care to provide only the most elite construction for all of its machines so that you don’t have to worry about safety or maintenance. Focus on your workout and getting those results.
  • Product Number: 170983

This product requires the purchase of the Cybex Quad Tower and Cybex Blank Panel. For more information and help with purchasing this product please contact us.

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