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BOSU Elite Balance Trainer

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Bosu Elite Balance Trainer | Balance Trainer

The BOSU Elite and the original BOSU Balance Trainer provide similar training benefits but while the differences between the two appear similar, they are actually quite different. The dome of the new BOSU Elite is noticeably thicker and firmer and provides more stability during high impact movements, greater instability for platform side up exercises, and increased resistance that spring loads the body. The dome has a new honeycomb tactile element and is imprinted with designated training areas identified as 'Power Zone' and 'Power Line'.

The 'Power Line' is used to set the body in the best athletic position and establish proper alignment from head to toe. Training in the 'Power Zone' ensures the most benefit out of each exercise while maintaining athletic balance and control of the center of gravity. Imprinted numbers provide visual cues for specific training and targeting desired areas of improvement.

The new BOSU Elite Balance Trainer is yet another option in the BOSU Balance Trainer line and is an indispensable training tool for the serious athlete as well as the everyday person trying to improve athletic capabilities, balance and conditioning.

What’s Included

  • BOSU Elite Balance Trainer
  • Tri-Lingual Owner's Manual
  • Pump


  • Durable and Rugged
  • New High Density Dome for Pressurized Resistance
  • New Power Line for Precise Positioning and Visual Cueing
  • New Power Zone with Tactile Honeycomb Grip


  • Creates a stronger athletic position
  • Improves hip & pelvis positioning
  • Strengthens & primes the body for heavier lifts
  • Intensifies core exercises
  • Unifies movements & body mechanics
  • Helps reduce injuries & improves flexibility
Manufacturer Part Number WMELITE
Color Black
Diameter 65 cm
Weight 18 lbs
Material Latex-free, burst resistant material
Maximum Weight 400 lbs
Country of Origin USA
Warranty 2 year against manufacturer defects


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