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3ACT Slide

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Slide Board | Slide Board Training

The Swiss Army Knife of the fitness and wellness industry, with the 3ACT Slide possibilities are essentially endless. The portable, self-contained fitness and rehabilitation tool allows for tri-plane movement to simulate the athletic and physical demands of sports specific exercises, as well as rehabilitation needs.

The 6' diameter sliding surface makes your muscles work harder, focusing on control of deceleration forces to enhance explosive athletic skill. Fully customizable, the foot stopping stability blocks can be positioned virtually anywhere across the board.

Accessory Kit Included

  • (1) Carry Case
  • (8) Stability Blocks
  • (1) Pair of one-size-fits-all shoe covers


  • Self-contained fitness and rehabilitation tool
  • Very durable, made of high quality polyethylene
  • Stability blocks provide you with contained motion
  • Breaks down into 5 pieces for easy portability
  • Comes with 8 stability blocks and 1 pair of one-size-fits-all shoe covers

Uses for the 3ACT Slide

  • Rehabilitation
  • Sport-specific activities
  • Core strengthening
  • Functional training
  • Group exercises
  • Balance training
Dimensions 6' diameter
Footprint 43 square feet


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