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The Ultimate Gym Cleaning Solution Bundle

$529.51 $289.79
120.00 LBS
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Cleaning Solution Bundle

We created the ultimate cleaning bundle for your fitness facility, since cleanliness and functionality are at the top of your members’ list. With this money-saving bundle, keeping your facility clean and tidy has never been easier. You’ll save on all the products you need to keep your facility in tip-top shape.

Purchased separately, this bundle retails for almost $530. This bundle offers a savings of nearly $230. Don’t miss out!

What's Included

  • 1 Janitor's Cart with 25-Gallon Bag: $130 (Reg. $431.56)
  • 1 case of Clorox Concentrated Bleach, 121 oz Bottle (3/case): $17.69 (Reg. $26.79)
  • 1 case of Procter & Gamble Comet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner (8 bottles/case): $69.95 (Reg. $76.95)
  • 1 gallon of Starco Chemical So-Kleen Pine Deodorant Cleaner Concentrate: $20.86 (Reg. $25.87)
  • 1 case of General Purpose Vinyl Gloves, Powder-Free, Medium, Clear, 3 3/5 mil, (1000/case): $41 (Reg. $73.67)
  • 1 Microfiber Duster, Extendable Duster, Green/White: $10.29 (Reg. $13.67)
  • Janitors Cart Color Black
    Janitors Cart Material Plastic
    Clorox Bleach Volume 121 oz/bottle, 3 bottles/case
    Comet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner 121 oz/bottle, 8 bottles/case
    Starco Chemical So-Kleen Pine Deodorant Cleaner Concentrate Volume 128 oz/bottle
    General Purpose Gloves Quantity 1000 gloves/case
    General Purpose Gloves Material Powder-Free Vinyl
    General Purpose Gloves Size Medium
    General Purpose Gloves Color Clear
    General Purpose Gloves Thickness 3 ⅗ mil
    Extendable Duster Material Microfiber and Plastic
    Extendable Duster Color Green + White


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