Namco 20" Battery Operated Auto Scrubber

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Namco 20" Battery Operated Auto Scrubber | Pad Assist or Traction Drive

The Namco 20" Battery Auto Scrubber is built to handle the toughest deep cleaning tasks. This autoscrubber cleans rubber flooring, tile, concrete quickly and quietly. Its compact design is ideal for cleaning in small congested areas, yet has a cleaning width of 20" to take care of any facility's floor cleaning needs. Namco's 20" Battery Auto Scrubber is equipped with 2 maintenance-free batteries for reliable, productive cleaning, and its durable polyethylene tanks are impact resistant and warranted for 1 year.

When you need deep cleaning power quickly, the 20" Battery Auto Scrubber's got your back with an impressive 12,500 sq. ft./hour cleaning rate. Despite handling the toughest cleaning tasks, this autoscrubber is compact and ultra-quiet, allowing staff to clean anytime without disturbing guests. Namco's 20" Battery Operated Auto Scrubber is available with Pad Assist or Traction Drive. This autoscrubber works with all 20" scrubbing pads.

Pad Assist

The Pad Assist feature helps pull the machine forward by the friction of the scrub deck pad against the floor—the operator simply needs to tilt the scrubber forward to enable the spinning pad to contact the floor.

Traction Drive

For even more control, the self-propelled Traction Drive option gives the operator variable speed fingertip controls for easy maneuverability.

Cleaning Rubber Sport Flooring with Namco's 20" Battery Operated Auto Scrubber

When cleaning rubber sport flooring, gym flooring, and stall mats, we recommend using our concentrated Rubber Sport Flooring Cleaner & Degreaser. Our specialized rubber flooring cleaner dilutes to give you the most bang for your buck, and works well with auto scrubbers to clean up chalk, remove sweat, cut through grease, and protect your rubber flooring.

Cleaning Width 20"
Average Productivity 12,500 ft/hr
Pad Diameter (1) 20" disk
Pad RPM 340 rpm/360 rpm
Pad Pressure 51 lbs
Pad Motor 0.54 hp
Drive Type Pad Assist or Traction Drive
Vacuum Motor 0.6 hp
Solution Tank 11 gallons
Power System 24V Battery/115V
Battery Type (2) Maintenance Free 12V
Charger 24V 12 amp
Length/Height 45" x 39"
Weight 205 lbs