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Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser, Black Translucent, TD0201

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7.00 LBS
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Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser | Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser

This Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser was created with durable high impact plastic for populated settings. This towel dispenser is touchless, minimizing the spread of germs. Just one quick and easy pull delivers eleven inches of paper towel. Once the automatic feeder releases the intended length, the sheet automatically loads for the next person so there's no waiting involved. The semi-transparent, plastic cover provides a view of the paper supply. This model is designed to accommodate the standard 8 inch wide paper towel roll.

Perfect for use with these towels: Bay West® EcoSoft™ 31900 Roll Paper Towels & Scott Green Seal Hardwound Brown Roll Towel


  • Features touchless, hands-free operation
  • Quick and easy pulls
  • Reliable delivery of an 11 inch sheet every time
  • Extremely easy to operate and install
  • Accommodates standard 8 inch wide paper towel rolls
  • Cover allows for easy viewing of paper level
  • Paper loads automatically for next person
  • No batteries required
  • Dimensions: 15.24" h x 11.5" w x 9" d
  • Capacity: 8" wide roll with 8" diameter
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Core: 1.5” - 2“

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