Aroma360 Commercial HVAC Scenting Fragrances

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Aroma360 Commercial HVAC Scenting Fragrances

The applications and therapeutic benefits of scent are overwhelming, and Aroma360 Scent Fragrances will provide both a stimulating and healthy scenting solution for your businesses or facility.

Utilizing the latest technology in the scenting industry, cold-air diffusion, the Aroma360 Commercial HVAC Scenting Diffusers compress plant-derived essential oil blends into a dry mist of nanoparticles. This natural, dry and residue-free fragrance mist is then released into your HVAC system ductwork, sending a consistent and even scent throughout your facility.

Aroma360 Scent Fragrances are compatible with Aroma360 Commercial HVAC Scenting Diffusers, and whether you choose the Museum360-XL, VanGogh360 and DaVinci360 HVAC Diffuser, your facility will be transformed into an aromatic sanctuary that your guests and patrons are certain to enjoy.

Scent Descriptions

  • Dream On - A truly cleansing and revitalizing scent, serene white tea and healing aloe vera combine to create an uplifting aroma with a naturally pleasant undertone. Warm, earthy cedar welcomes your senses as they are greeted by luscious vanilla for a well-rounded aroma.
  • Escapade - Take a dip in the vast waters of the world with a fragrance that takes you to depths of the ocean and back. Accompanying hints of fragrant jasmine and enticing black pepper make for a restorative aroma that refreshes and hydrates in a single scent.
  • Eternal Sunshine - This unique scent is truly “Sunshine in a Bottle". Ingredients of satsuma and golden bamboo combine to create this uplifting and rejuvenating scent. Hints of soft cedar, jasmine and citrus are the perfect complement and serve to make this a scent that is sure to put a smile on your face.
  • Touch the SkyA fresh bergamot top note opens this fragrance. The main theme is a floral jasmine and cyclamen blend with a marine accord. The fragrance settles into a sweet balsamic base with an ozone character.
  • Across the UniverseStep into a crisp, clean world as the therapeutic scent of eucalyptus clears your mind and awakens your space while you bask in the refreshing fragrance of rain-kissed floral and sparkling citrus for an all around invigorating escape through the senses.
  • Champagne SupernovaThe scents of the jungle await with the bold blend of beautiful bamboo and gentle white ginger that come together to deliver a smooth yet satisfying aroma. Jasmine petals swirled with hints of vetiver and soft musk create a unique addition to this crisp blend.
  • The BlissA wonderful blend of garden herbs and sparkling citrus notes. Hearty lemongrass and fresh, earthy sage combine to complete this uplifting fragrance.
  • Lust for LifeThis uplifting citrus blend is energizing and invigorating. The ever so subtle floral and green notes provide depth and complexity.
  • California LoveEscape to the vibrant, energizing outdoors with the scent of crisp, clean lemongrass and refreshingly smooth green tea. Bask in the glow of soft jasmine and serene lily accord as they wrap you in sweet surrender and blissful disengage of the world around you.
  • MoondanceAn ocean breeze blows through your hair while you stroll along a cool sunset beach with notes of citrus zest, sharp musk, and rich amber swirling about. Jasmine and bergamot blend together to create an oasis for your senses as the sun slowly slips away beyond the clouds.
  • Mother OceanLeave your worries behind and head out to sea.  Allow the aromas of crisp bergamot, fresh ivy and deep ocean wrap you up and entice you with notes of peony, magnolia and sweet honeysuckle.  Follow that sweet hint of grape and set yourself free into the vast ocean of precious oud, warm amber and creamy sandalwood.
  • 24k MagicThis fragrance has a citrus beginning of bergamot, lemon and lemongrass. The fragrance develops into a floral bouquet of magnolia, jasmine and lily. These notes rest on a long-lasting base of koa wood and white musk.
  • Summer BreezeThe crashing of the waves, the salty mist in the air, and the warm sunshine paired with a plush cabana on the shore create the summer escape of your daydreams. Recreate this hideaway with the crisp scent of cucumber, melon, and black pepper along with relaxing lavender and ozone.
  • MystifyThis fragrance is a fruity floral fragrance with a green character. Mystify begins with a citrus lemon note which is combined with a green melon accord. The body of the fragrance is a floral bouquet of lily and jasmine. This leads to a delicate raspberry nuance. The fragrance dries down to a mossy musk base.
  • London CallingAwaken with the crisp scent of Soku lime, lemon citrus, cedar wood, amber musk, white tea bloom, enchanting rose, and layers of deep peony.
Compatible Diffusers Aroma360 Museum360XL, VanGogh360, DaVinci360
Volume 200ml - 5L

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