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Z-Screen Scented Urinal Screen with Integrated Tab (12 screens/case)

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Scented Urinal Screens Reduce Odors and Cleaning Time

The Z-Screen scented urinal screens are made with 12x more fragrance than traditional vinyl screens, the Z-Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screen with Integrated Tab emanates a strong, gradual fragrance, ensuring freshness for 30 days. Made with enzymes to help clean while in use, the unique design conforms to the urinal while preventing splash back.

Safe for use in waterless urinals, the Z-Screen floats in standing water, preventing clogs. Available in a variety of scents and colors, the uniquely designed scented urinal screen keeps your facility clean and odor free.


  • Available Scents - Orchard Zing(Green), Citrus Zest(Orange), Fresh Blast(Smoke, Dark Gray), and Minted Herb(Blurple)
  • Strong, gradual fragrance release ensures 30-day use
  • Unique design prevents splashback and reduces cleaning time
  • Contains enzymes to clean urinals and eliminate odors
  • Floats in standing water, allowing water to flow under, preventing clogs
  • Dimensions: 6.81" w x 6.81" l x 6.81" h
  • Quantity: 12 screens/case

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