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Impact Hand Held Dust Pan, Black Plastic (700)

Impact Hand Held Dust Pan, Black Plastic

These lightweight and durable dust pans have many convenient features. Features Molded ridges for broom and counter brush cleaning Rubberized finish on #706 allows for increased durability and minimizes static Fine front-edge for maximum pickup

$4.00 $3.94
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Swiffer Dry Refill System, Cloth, White, 32/Box

Disposable refill cloths for Swiffer® Sweeper® (sold separately). Also fits Swiffer® Sweep + Trap and Swiffer® Sweep + Vac. The electrostatic charge attracts dust, dirt and hair for a thorough clean. Cloths are also effective when used...

$17.91 $17.64
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Microfiber Duster, Extendable Duster, Green/White, 3148

Microfiber Duster, Extendable Duster, Green/White

Microfiber Duster | Extendable Duster Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. For hard to reach areas the Extendable Microfiber Duster is the tool for the job. The split microfiber strands grab and hold the particles they find, making this...

$13.67 $10.28
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