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Franklin Cleaning Compare Floor Cleaner (4 gallons/case)

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34.00 LBS
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Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner | Rubber Floor Cleaner

This multisurface floor cleaner is tough on dust, food residue, grease, grime, scuff marks, soil, and spills. Great cleaner for all floor surfaces that aren't harmed by water, including your rubber gym floor.


  • Triple-action, heavy-duty neutral cleaner
  • For all floor surfaces not harmed by water
  • Ideal general-purpose cleaner, mop-on floor cleaner or automatic scrubber cleaner
  • Low foaming, rinse-free, biodegradable
  • Contains no solvents or harsh alkalies
  • Recommended dilution: normal (1:64)


  • Volume: 1 gallon
  • Quantity: 4 gallons/case
  • Scent: Fresh

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