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Spray Bottles & Pumps


GymValet Bottle and Towel Holder

The GymValet is a combined bottle and towel holder that is easy-to-install and universally attachable to virtually all makes and models of exercise equipment. Its multi-purpose design makes it the perfect solution for holding fitness equipment sanitizing...

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Zogics Commercial Cleaning Spray Bottle (empty)

Commercial Cleaning Spray Bottle | Spray Bottle Our commercial-grade plastic spray bottles can be customized with a label of your choice, and feature a high-output spray nozzle for maximum coverage. Its no leak design and high quality construction...

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Pump for Gel Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectants, White, 901

Gallon Pump FDA compliant so it’s safe enough to use for food, this Zogics Dispenser Pump screws right on top of our gel hand santizer and disinfectant concentrate gallon bottles. The convenient calibrated plunger is designed with markings up to 1...

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