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Certo 16Mic Trash Can Liner, 33 gallon (250 liners/case)

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16Mic Trash Bags
20.00 LBS
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Hi-Density Trash Can Liner | 16Mic Can Liner | Certo

These hi-density trash can liners use prime resins for superior quality. As a case of 250, the compact, perforated rolls make dispensing bags effortless. The 16Mic trash can liners promote environmental sensitivity, and the star seal bottom makes for easy removal from the recptacle. Ideal for commercial applications like food service, industry and healthcare.


  • 16Mic can liners are used for superior quality
  • Star seal bottom for even weight distribution and easy removal from a receptacle
  • Hi-density liners ideal for fuger service, industry and healthcare
  • Capacity: 33 gallon
  • Quantity: 250 lines/case

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