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Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

Your guests expect to walk into a welcoming, clean space so that they can focus on their health and wellness. To provide a comfortable experience for each and every one of them, it’s important for your staff to use quality janitorial cleaning supplies. That’s why we sell premium wholesale cleaning supplies at prices that you can afford.

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Bobrick Recessed Waste Receptacle with LinerMate

Bobrick B-43644 Recessed Waste Receptacle The Bobrick B-43644 Satin Stainless Steel Recessed Waste Receptacle is a recessed waste receptacle that can be mounted within any wall surface that has a rough opening that is 15-7/8 inches in width by 26-1/4...

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Bobrick Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Bobrick B-353 Sanitary Napkin Disposal Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance Always: Wipe or polish with the grain direction of satin finishes Remove any cleaning or soap residue from stainless surface with water and wipe dry with clean...

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Bobrick Surface Mounted Waste Receptacle with LinerMate

Bobrick B-277 Surface Mounted Waste Receptacle The Bobrick B-277 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle is a medium-sized waste container designed for mounting on drywall, plaster and other types of walls in commercial restrooms. The unit...

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Bradley Corp. Napkin Disposal Partition Recessed

Bradley Corp Napkin Disposal Partition Recessed The Bradley Corp Toilet Partition Mounted Napkin Disposal is made of stainless steel and serves as the waste receptacle for two stalls at once. The satin finish receptacle has welded construction with one...

$150.48 $136.80
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Bradley Corp. Recessed Waste Receptacle

Bradley 344 Recessed Waste Receptacle The Bradley recessed waste receptacle is fabricated of heavy gauge stainless steel with seamless exposed surfaces in satin finish. Removable 12 gallon stainless steel waste receptacle secured to cabinet with tumbler...

$225.72 $205.20
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Febreze AIR, Meadows & Rain, 8.8 oz Aerosol (6/case)

Features Doesn't just mask, cleans away odors with OdorClear™ Technology Cleans away odors and freshens with a light, fresh scent that's never overpowering Use in entryways, lobbies, bathrooms, closets, or any room Tell tough odors to take a hike...

$41.12 $32.89
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Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash, Organic Oils, 4oz

Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash | Super Yoga Mat Wash (118ml) Give your mat a squeaky-clean cleanse after a sweaty practice. Our Super Yoga Mat Wash won't damage your mat's fibers or remove its stickiness. It contains organic essential oils with proven antiseptic,...

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