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Waste Bucket, 28 Quart (DTC2804RL)

Recycle Waste Bucket, 28 Quart

Recycle Waste Basket | 28 Quart Recycle Container Ideal for small spaces, the rectangular soft-sided plastic wastebasket is molded of high quality polyethylen for strength and durability. The rolled...

$10.58 $6.18
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Manual Carpet Sweeper, Blue/Black, 7400

Manual Carpet Sweeper, Blue/Black

Manual Carpet Sweeper Looking for an easy tool to quickly spot-clean mats and flooring without having to pull out the vacuum? The low-profile of the manual carpet sweeper is perfect for short-pile...

$119.64 $56.25
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Mop Head + Mop Handle Bundle

General Purpose Mop Head + Wooden Handle A smart addition to any cleaning operation, our Mop Bundle includes (1) Certo General Purpose Mop, our most pupular all-purpose blend mop. Spun for durability...

$19.94 $15.99
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Deluxe Heavy-Duty Bucket, Grey, 10 Quart

Utility Bucket | 10 Quart Bucket The molded pour spout for easy and targeted pouring. Resistant to acids, alkalis, chemicals and other cleaning solutions, the Deluxe Heavy-Duty Bucket is the perfect...

$16.88 $9.85
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Lobby Dust Pan, Metal, Black (2604)

Lobby Dust Pan, Metal, Black

Lobby Dust Pan Durable, the metal handle and pan are made of a heavy 22-gauge steel construction. The baked-on black finish resists scuffing and wear, helping keep your Metal Lobby Dust Pan looking...

$51.02 $22.88
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