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Bath & Body

At Zogics, we believe that products don’t need to be harsh to get the job done. It’s why we offer gentle formulas for your facility and guests. Our line of hair and body washes, hand sanitizers, and lotions is a bestseller in spas, fitness centers, gyms, health clubs, recreational facilities, and health care environments. As a one-stop shop for all your skin and body care needs, we combine the convenience of bulk with the best prices on the market (we offer a low-price guarantee). Look for our signature line of Zogics products – all plant-based, nutrient-rich and free of parabens. Use with our range of Commercial Hand Soap Dispensers. Plus, check out our new gallon size bath and body care systems from PAYA Organics and Beekman, combining modern luxury with a green conscience. In addition to our economical bulk shampoo, conditioner, and other body care products, we offer convenient cartridge systems from Deb, GOJO, and Purell.

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Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 1000 mL, White, 9325

Attractive and Durable Our attractive, durable 1000 ml (33.8 oz) wall mounted dispenser is specifically designed for Zogics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer and comes complete with a mounting kit and easy to follow instructions for wall, tile, and mirror...

$29.95 $25.95
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Foam Hand Soap Dispenser, 1000 mL, White, 9325-HS

Wall Mounted Durability If you're searching for a quality, wall mounted dispenser for our foaming hand soap, this bestselling manual model was built to last. Affordable, attractive and easy to use, it has a 1000 ml (33.8 oz) capacity. This Zogics...

$29.95 $25.95
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Gel Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 47 oz (4047)

Gel Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 47 oz

Gel Soap Dispenser | Metal Bulk Soap Dispenser The high capacity, metal bulk soap dispenser is designed for busy commercial spaces. With features like tamper and theft-proof, this secure gel soap dispenser is easy to refill with a bulk lotion soap...

$113.74 $72.87
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