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Feminine Products

O.B. Fluid Lock Tampons, Regular, 40 Ct


O.B. Fluid Lock Tampons, Regular (40/box) (3 boxes/case)

Easy To Insert And Designed With Fluid-Lock Grooves For Locked-In Leak Protection. Expand All-Around To Custom-Fit Your Shape Perfectly Create Less Waste Than Any Other Tampon On The Market Since There'S No Bulky Applicator To Throw Away Fluidlock...

$50.00 $45.45
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Tampax Tampons, Original, Regular Absorbency, PGC025001 (500 units/case)

Regular Absorbency Tampons | Tampax Original Tampons Tampax original tampons provide excellent absorbency and come with a cardboard applicator. Complete with a flush-able and biodegradable applicator for easy disposal, the durable wrapper keeps each...

$140.16 $69.95
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