Powerfoil® Breeze With Ion Technology

Powerfoil Breeze
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Ion disinfection technology produces millions of ions/minute.
These ions immediately attach to & destroy pathogens.
The Powerfoil Breeze delivers ions where they're needed most.

Powerfoil® Breeze With Ion Technology

The masterful performance and stylish design of Powerfoil Breeze adds pathogen-killing ion technology to achieve safer conditions in commercial spaces everywhere.

Product Highlights:

  • Ion technology kills airborne and surface pathogens
  • Diameters from 16 to 24 feet
  • White, black, and custom finishes
  • Permanent-magnet direct-drive motor

Industrial size meets contemporary style with Powerfoil Breeze, Big Ass Fans’ largest commercial overhead fan. Designed to quietly and efficiently deliver powerful airflow to commercial and public spaces, Powerfoil Breeze features advanced direct-drive technology, a patented airfoil system, and an eye-catching aesthetic.

Powerfoil Breeze delivers style befitting any modern space. Its sleek design and vented housing offer a clean, contemporary look that can blend in or stand out with ease. And with a perfectly balanced, two-axis mounting system and permanent-magnet motor, Powerfoil Breeze turns airflow into smooth, silent performance art.


  • Six anodized aluminum airfoils
  • Standard Controller is included
  • Permanent magnet direct-drive motor
  • Sleek vented cover for motor and drive
  • Rated IP66 for protection against dust, water, and vapors

Comfort Comes in Your Favorite Color

With full color customization available for Powerfoil Breeze, you can reinforce your brand, match your décor, or create a centerpiece of comfort and style. Choose from our standard finishes, wide range of RAL colors, or custom color matching for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance

Comfort That Stays Secure

Powerfoil Breeze’s superior engineering is underscored by safety systems that lead the industry in both scope and quality. Designed for redundant security under the most demanding conditions, Powerfoil Breeze offers the most extensive safety features on the market:

  • Mounting system tensile-tested to 28,000 pounds
  • Aircraft-grade steel safety cables
  • Steel hub and airfoil retainers
  • Auto-shutoff impact detection
  • Fire suppression system integration


Powerfoil Breeze’s patented Airfoil Restraint System ensures that your fan’s airfoils remain intact and connected to the hub in the event of severe impact damage. Featuring durable nylon straps that extend from hub to winglet, the Airfoil Restraint System keeps your people, products, and property out of harm’s way.

Designed to Your Specifications

With customizable options to meet the demands of your business, Powerfoil Breeze delivers comfort on your terms. The fan’s design allows for a number of functional attachments, including an infra-red occupancy sensor that makes hands-free comfort and additional energy savings possible by automatically detecting activity in your space and turning your fan on or off.

Put Control in Your Hands

Powerfoil Breeze’s standard digital touchscreen controller provides an easy interface to adjust fan speeds and settings. For more advanced control, the premium BAFCon controller features SmartSense technology’s automated seasonal modes, group control of up to eight fans, fan scheduling, and multi-level password protection. Managing facility-wide comfort has never been easier.

Fast, Easy Building Automation

Upgrading to BAFCon also allows fan owners to integrate with their building management systems using Modbus RTU, BACnet, and 0-10 V protocols, making it easy to enjoy the convenience of centralized control. With advanced technology from Powerfoil Breeze, comfort is always close at hand.

Learn more about the Big Ass Fans Clean Air System here.

  • Diameter: 16-24 ft
  • Mounting: I-Beams, Bar Joints, Solid Beams, and Purlings
  • Motor: Neodymium Magnet Direct-Drive
  • Color: Silver with Black, and White with Silver

Manufacturer Warranty

10 Years: Mechanical Warranty
Up to 10 Years: Electrical Warranty

Cancellation Policy

If a standard order ships out prior to customer cancellation request, the customer will be charged a 25% restocking fee plus the original shipping fee and any additional fees such as reconsignments.

Standard orders can be cancelled up to five (5) business days following the receipt of the Sales Order Acknowledgement without penalty, unless the product has already shipped. After 5 business days, cancelled orders will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee.

Products sold with custom paint/appearance packages or any element of special engineering are final and cannot be cancelled after twenty-four (24) hours from the receipt of the Sales Order Acknowledgement.

What’s an ion? add

Air ions are formed when a molecule gains enough energy to become ionized. In nature, sources of energy that can cause this to occur include background radiation, ultraviolet light, cosmic radiation, atomization of water, movement of large masses of air, and lightning. Normal, fair-weather air ion concentrations range from 200 to 800 negative and 250 to 1500 positive ions/cm3. An approaching storm can increase the positive air ion concentration to over 5,000 ions/cm3! (source)

What is ionization technology? add

Air ions are charged molecules that are naturally found in the air. In addition to their natural occurrence, air ions can also be generated artificially through ion technology generators or as byproducts of other industrial processes. Both positive and negative ions are formed when molecules or atoms lose or gain electrons. Common ions found in the air include H+, H3O+, O+, N+, CO4-, OH-, H2O-, and O2-.

What do they do to a virus and bacteria that render them unable to infect humans? add

Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionization systems produce positively and negatively charged ions that attach to the surface of the cell membrane of airborne pathogens. The organism’s membrane is degraded, leaving genetic material exposed to oxidation, resulting in pathogen inactivation.

How do ions interact with airflow from a Big Ass Fan? add

A jet of airflow is created by the Big Ass fan, which runs across the Clean Air System ionizers and increases the overall rate of ion generation in a space. If you can feel the breeze generated by our fans, then you are in an area of increased ion concentration.

How long do ions typically last? add

The half-life of an air ion is dependent on its size and mobility. Negative ions tend to be smaller with half-lives of several minutes in dry, clean outdoor air while positive ions are larger and have half-lives of about 30 minutes. When indoors, the life of an ion is much shorter because of the increased probability of the ion shorting to ground by contacting a wall or surface. Therefore, in a confined space ions may only “live” for about 30 seconds. (source)

Is ion technology better than UV-C technology? add

Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application. Ionization systems do not rely on recirculation of air to be effective, so semi-outdoor applications are a much better match for ionization systems. Ionization systems also offer the added benefit of surface cleaning, which may be critical in some applications.

Is the ion technology retrofittable with my current Big Ass Fan? add

Yes, retrofits are available for Big Ass Fans’ ion technology products.

Is there a Clean Mode on the Ion like the UV-C technology ceiling fans that I need to start? add

No. The Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionizer will operate once powered, and in sync with the Big Ass fan, when the fan is in continuous operation.

Is ion technology safe for people and my workplace? add

Yes. Air ions are naturally occurring and form when a molecule gains enough energy to become ionized. Testing proves that high concentrations of strategically-placed ions, like those produced in Big Ass Fans Clean Air System ion products, will deactivate airborne pathogens in your space and create a safer environment for everyone occupying it.

Does ionization technology produce ozone? add

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 Section 5.7.1 mandates that all air-cleaning ionization systems be listed and labeled to UL 2998, which provides certification that the air cleaning product has zero ozone emissions. Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air Systems ionization technology is listed and labeled to UL 2998 standard, certifying the products as ozone-free.

Are there any standard warnings on Big Ass fans with ion technology? add

The Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionization unit is powered, and injury may result if the unit is touched while in operation. For directional fans, the ionization unit is placed behind our engineered caging. For overhead fans, the unit is placed on the fan which is out of reach of immediate personnel.

Do I operate the Ion Technology separately from the fan? add

No. The Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionizer will operate at any point when your Big Ass Fan is receiving power.

Can I operate Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionizer continuously? add

Yes. The Clean Air System ionizer will run continuously with your normal use of your Big Ass fan.

How do I know the ion technology is working? add

A green LED indicator light will illuminate when power is applied to the unit and ions are being generated.

What is the 3-year calibration service for ion-related products? add

Your Big Ass Fans certified installers will complete 3 annual calibrations following the initial installation. This process will consist of:

  1. Visiting the customer’s site annually, for 3 years, after the initial installation and commissioning of the Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System
  2. Inspection and cleaning of the customer’s Clean Air System
  3. Testing to verify Clean Air System ion operation and levels, followed with a post-test report

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