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Gym Wipes
Value Wipes
As low as 1.9 cents per wipe

Our economy wipes. Not as wet or as strong as our other wipes
Gym Equipment Wipes
Wellness Center Wipes
As low as 2.3 cents per wipe

Our best-selling wipes. Strong, high quality and cost effective
Gym Wipes Antibacterial
Antibacterial Wipes
As low as 2.5 cents per wipe

Our premium, EPA registered disinfecting wipes
Gym Wipes Dispensers

Gym wipe wall dispensers,
stainless steel floor stands, spare keys, instructional signs, etc.

Gym Wipes & Gym Equipment Wipes

Zogics is the leading supplier of antibacterial gym wipes and gym equipment wipes for use in a range of commercial applications. Our line of gym equipment wipes include our Economy Value Wipes, the industry's best selling Wellness Center Wipes, and our Premium Antibacterial Wipes, which are EPA registered to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just 15 seconds, as well as MRSA, HIV-1, H1N1, E. coli, and much more. 

Our equipment wipes can be found in gyms, health clubs, hospitals, health care settings, nursing homes, schools, veterinary clinics, shopping centers, grocery stores and more.

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Economy Value Wipes: Our lowest cost wipes for cleaning and deodorizing.  Each roll contains 1,500 9"x7" wipes.  A 100% cellulose material is used, resulting in a dryer, more papery wipe that's not as wet or strong as our other wipes.  These wipes are made in U.S.A and contain a quaternary disinfectant (non-EPA registered).

Wellness Center Wipes: Our bestselling gym wipes for cleaning and deodorizing.  Each roll contains 1,150 9"x6" wipes.  A non-woven polyester blended material is used, offering a great balance between strength, wetness and price.  These wipes are made in U.S.A and contain a quaternary disinfectant (non-EPA registered).

Premium Antibacterial Wipes: Our premium, EPA registered disinfecting wipes.  Each roll contains 800 8.5"x6" wipes.   A premium non-woven polyester blended material is used, which makes these our wettest and softest wipes.  These wipes are made in U.S.A and contain an EPA registered quaternary disinfectant.

gym wipe buying guideDownload: Gym Wipe Buying Guide

gym wipe installation instructionsImportant: Gym Wipe Instructions 

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