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Automatic Hand Dryers

XLERATOR high speed hand dryers
Dry hands faster, dry hands in 10-15 sec.
Uses 80% less energy than other hand dryers
High speed energy efficient hand dryer
Automatic Hand Dryer Accessories

Anti-Microbial Wall Guards
Stainless Steel Recess Kit
Xlerator Hand Dryer HEPA Filter Kit
XLERATOR XChangerâ„¢ Kit

XLERATOR Hand Dryers by Excel Hand Dryer

The XLERATOR high speed hand dryer is both energy efficient and an easy to use. XLERATOR automatic hand dryers from Excel perform better than any other brand. Dry hands faster than ever with the XLERATOR. Excel hand dryers do not leave mold or moist residue that leads to bacteria growth.

XLERATOR hand dryers dry hands in 10-15 sec., use 80% LESS ENERGY than other hand dryers, represent a 90% cost savings vs. paper towels and are GreenSpec listed.

When reviewing drying times of other popular brand commercial air blowing hand dryers, XLERATOR's accomplish the task 3 times faster. The end result can be up to 30 seconds less running time of the hand dryer. Less power consumption, less time in the bathroom for users, and more savings for you! Recognized for efficiency, the XLERATOR dryer was the first of its type to be GreenSpec® Listed. Another fact is that this is the only hand dryer that is MADE IN USA Certified®.

XLERATOR Hand Dryer Models:
XL-BW White Resin | XL-W White Enamel | XL-BLK Black | XL-GR Graphite | XL-C Chrome Plated | XL-SB Stainless Steel | XL-SI Custom