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Automatic Hand Dryers

XLERATOR high speed hand dryers
Dry hands faster, dry hands in 10-15 sec.
Uses 80% less energy than other hand dryers
High speed energy efficient hand dryer
Automatic Hand Dryer Accessories

Anti-Microbial Wall Guards
Stainless Steel Recess Kit
Xlerator Hand Dryer HEPA Filter Kit
XLERATOR XChangerâ„¢ Kit

XLERATOR Hand Dryers by Excel

Reduce the carbon footprint of your business with our XLERATOR high speed hand dryer. Forget the high cost of paper, XLERATOR automatic hand dryers offer a fuss-free, low cost alternative for high traffic settings. In addition to saving an average of 90% over paper costs, using Excel is also more sanitary. Unlike wet paper towels, they eliminate the conditions where mold, residue, and bacteria are likely to grow. Because they use 80% less energy than other brands, XLERATOR Hand Dryers are also more energy-efficient.

When it comes to performance, XLERATOR is three times quicker than other brands, drying hands in 10-15 seconds. The result? It runs up to 30-seconds less, reduces power usage, and improves savings. Outstanding in efficiency, the XLERATOR dryer was the first of its kind to be GreenSpec® Listed.



Browse XLERATOR Hand Dryer Models:

XL-BW White Resin | XL-W White Enamel | XL-BLK Black | XL-GR Graphite | XL-C Chrome Plated | XL-SB Stainless Steel | XL-SI Custom